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Garrett Hofer Explains How to Cultivate a Winning Mindset in Rugby

Playing rugby is a very challenging and enjoyable sport. Garrett David Hofer of East Lyme coaches a youth rugby league and has instilled his values in the team. Garrett Hofer of East Lyme understands that if you wish to win at something, you need to cultivate a winning mindset. Garrett Hofer also knows that there is a lot more that goes into developing this attribute than people realize. Cultivating a winning mindset takes time, dedication, and persistence.

Garrett Hofer East LymeGarrett Hofer of East Lyme used to play sports in his younger years. He generally excelled at whatever he played because he was always dedicated to learning, practicing, and improving. Whether it was throwing the discus/shot put in track or playing football, practice and a commitment to continuous improvement was a formula for success. In high school, Garrett achieved the Honor of National US Army Scholar-Athlete for accomplishing excellence in the classroom and lettering in multiple high school sports.

Another important aspect of a winning mindset is understanding that success won’t come overnight. Putting in minimal effort and expecting maximum results is a common misconception that many players experience. When Garrett Hofer was first introduced to rugby in college at the University of Wyoming, he knew he needed to learn the sport before he could excel. He observed the best players in practice, asked questions, and worked on developing the new skills essential to this new sport. While watching his second college match from the sideline, he was suddenly thrust into action due to injuries to his teammates. Since he had committed early on to learning, he was able to adapt quickly and contribute to his team emerging victoriously against the University of Colorado. As a youth rugby coach, Garrett Hofer of East Lyme encourages young rugby players to enjoy learning a new sport and interacting with teammates and try not to get frustrated.

Finally, Garrett Hofer of East Lyme recommends that all players learn to relax and have fun! Garrett Hofer reminds his young players that life is about more than winning and that dedication, positive thinking, and teamwork are extremely important skills that can lead to success in many pursuits in life!

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