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Garrett Hofer of East Lyme Encourages Families to Get Back to the Basics During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Garrett Hofer of East Lyme talks about the need for families to “get back to the basics” during the Coronavirus pandemic.

While maintaining a successful career in the finance world, Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT always finds time for his family. In fact, he believes that this is a key element to happiness, success, and overall well-being. Garrett Hofer encourages families around the country (and the world) to get back to the basics.

But, what exactly does Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT mean by “get back to basics?”


Garrett Hofer East Lyme


5 Ways Garrett Hofer of East Lyme Thinks Families Can Get Back to the Basics During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ultimately, getting back to the basics is about returning to the most fundamentally important aspects of the family unit. Garrett Hofer expanded on his theories about family togetherness during difficult times:

1) “In years past, families had more time to spend with each other. Now, parents are working long hours while children spend their time playing video games and texting friends on their smartphones. The Coronavirus gives us a unique opportunity to spend more time with our families by getting away from the workplace and putting down electronic devices.” – Garrett Hofer of East Lyme

2) “Focus on communication. Kids frequently imitate the behavior of their parents. This means that if your parents weren’t great communicators, you may struggle to communicate with the rest of your family. To prevent communication problems, set aside time for family discussions. Ask questions and really listen to your loved ones.” – Garrett Hofer

3) “Don’t shy away from difficult topics. Whether you’re struggling to pay bills on time or your child isn’t fitting in at school, you should find a way to address problems head-on. Sweeping uncomfortable issues under the rug will only make things worse over time.” – Garrett Hofer

4) “Even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘sports person,’ try to implement physical group activities into your family’s schedule. For example, in my family, my kids love playing basketball, rugby, football, and soccer. Now is a great time to interact with your children, teach them new skills, and even create “virtual” competitions between kids and their peers.

5) “Life is full of important lessons, but if you have kids, they may not pick up on these lessons without a little help from their parents. Whenever possible, find new ways to convert life events into teachable moments. This doesn’t mean that you need to lecture your children all the time, it just means that you should help your children connect with their friends and family during this historical time.” – Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT

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